Monday, June 26, 2006

loney among friends!!!!

Though I have a number of friends in Isloo, but at times I feel really lonely.... Don't have a single friend who would be interested in the things that I am interested in, like hiking, movies, cultural activities etc. The only activitiy that I do with my friends is visiting their homes, eating food, drinking tea and chit chat about general life. I guess the only friends with whom I enjoy most are Mehmood and Hammad and both are not in Islamabad, at present..... It is perhaps easier to be your own friend.... have a car and do whatever you want to do!!!! Or perhaps find a 'activity' partner... But how do you do that in Pakistan... I mean, finding a partner is not hard, even keeping him is also not that difficult.... But mantaining a platonic relationship and still not affecting the relatioship is almost impossible. Most guys here do not understand the meaning of NO.... They think a woman's NO is actually a secret YES, because women are not supposed to take interest in SEX!!!

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