Tuesday, May 30, 2006

9/11 hangovers

visited the bookshop Mr. books (the oldest bookstore of Islamabad). The books that were highlighted in their shelves gave me a sense of deja vous-- they were mainly related to Islam, terrorism, Pakistani authors writing in English. Most of the books are also part of my amazon.com orders and wishlist. Why is it so? Is it that I am reading what every Pakistani is reading? I doubt.

This is perhaps a manifestation of some other malice... Something that is eating the so called moderates.. The price of being a Muslim in the post 9/11 period. It seems the modern Muslim who wants to distinguish himself/herself from the overly liberated or fundamental lot has to be apologetic for all the misdeeds committed by those groups. They are trying to bridge the west and the east by pretending that there is no clash of civilization and an understanding between these two worlds is possible... Notable figures in this regard, that I can think of right now, are people like Fareed Zakria and Isra Nomani!

Welcome to Pakistan

Well, i am back to Pakistan, hopefully for 5 or 6 weeks...
I see many changes in Islamabad, most notably a well managed traffic thanks to the introduction of the Motorway police that does not spare anyone... and enforces the law blindly. It seems that everyone is happy with this change.. Heard that this is one of the many initiatives of SSP isloo, Dr. Taimuri who is the best thing that has ever happened to Islamabad... however, there is another person who may contest this title, chairman CDA mr. kamran lashari! His work is clearly visible in the city.... the streets are well marked, the city is cleaner than before, there are more maps and sign boards all over and most of all more cultural and social activities happening in the city.. But there are several who consider him corrupt and incompetent.. the biggest blame which i have heard so far is baring Isloo of its green belt and mindless construction.. Don't know if that is enough to not give him any credit for all the good work he is doing....

other things notable... the biggest is heat and scarcity of water... Too many cars on the road... all the three are increasing day by day and i wonder what will happen in the next few years!! It seems we are moving towards a big ecological disaster!

Life is as boring as before... things have become more expensive.. ie petrol is now 60 rupees per liter! Gold is 15,000 rupees per tola! These things should not bother me.. but indirectly that impacts the prices of basic commodities and makes it difficult to mantain the guise of SOFED POSHI!!!