Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bigotry in my country

Well where doesn't bigotry exist?

I should not say that only in my des people are radical and ultra intolerant of others. It happens in the most enlightened and the so called civilized societies too. For example take the minaret issue in Switzerland and the Hijab ban in France. However, it seems that we are just caught in the viscous cycle of our recent past. The history that was created at the time when we were fighting the war against communism (Russia) in the name of Islam. The history that was created by half cooked religious ideologies and interpretation of Islam of the Ulama of that time who wanted to make the Hukumat e Waqt happy. The generations coming later are just doomed to live with those laws. Keeping the status quo creates conflicts with the rest of the world and in some cases creates huge potential for human rights violation, like in the recent case of Asia Bibi!! The more problematic part of the whole issue is that when you look deep into the controversial aspect of the Hudood ordinance by reading the Quran and Sunnah you tend to agree more with the side in favor or repeal or amendments. Obviously, one would easily refute my argument by saying that my only my liberal bias can reach such conclusion.