Tuesday, May 30, 2006

9/11 hangovers

visited the bookshop Mr. books (the oldest bookstore of Islamabad). The books that were highlighted in their shelves gave me a sense of deja vous-- they were mainly related to Islam, terrorism, Pakistani authors writing in English. Most of the books are also part of my amazon.com orders and wishlist. Why is it so? Is it that I am reading what every Pakistani is reading? I doubt.

This is perhaps a manifestation of some other malice... Something that is eating the so called moderates.. The price of being a Muslim in the post 9/11 period. It seems the modern Muslim who wants to distinguish himself/herself from the overly liberated or fundamental lot has to be apologetic for all the misdeeds committed by those groups. They are trying to bridge the west and the east by pretending that there is no clash of civilization and an understanding between these two worlds is possible... Notable figures in this regard, that I can think of right now, are people like Fareed Zakria and Isra Nomani!

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