Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Art of living

Yesterday I joined the art of living Islamabad, Pakistan chapter basic course. The course is basically about Pranayama (life force) and how we can enhance the pranayama within us. This is supposed to release stress, tension and depressions.

Here are some of the teachings.

Life is dependant on four things: air (breath), water, food, and environment we live in. And in order to live truly harmoniously we have to balance our lives by avoiding things that reduce the prana. For example, things that we consume regularly like tea, coffee, cigratte, all have prana reducing agents and should be avoided as much as possible. (I can't stop tea drinking). Similarly, meat (all kinds, including fish) should be avoided as meat takes about 78 hours to digest and depeletes lot of prana!

7 layers of the self: body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego, and self. The first 6 layers are different for all, but we are all the same at the level of self, which is the spirit or God. The breathing exercises would help us all achieve that level.

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