Friday, July 08, 2011

Who is a Kafir in the land of the pure? (not mine)

  • Most Sunnis adhere to the Hanafi school of jurisprudence. Only 5 per cent of the country’s population belongs to the Ahle Hadith sect or Wahabis.
  • The Sunnis are subdivided into the Barelvi and Deobandi schools of thought
  • The Deobandis and Wahabis consider the Barelvis as kafir, because they visit the shrines of saints, offer prayers, believe music, poetry and dance can lead to god
  • Barelvis constitute 60 per cent of the population. Deobandis and Wahabis together account for 20 per cent
  • Another 15 per cent are Shias, again considered kafir and subjected to repeated attacks
  • Since 2000, the Sunni-Shia conflict has claimed 5,000 lives
  • Others considered kafir are the religious minorities—Christians, Ismailis, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Ahmadias, etc, who account for 5 per cent of the population
  • So, 20 per cent of the population effectively considers the remaining 80 per cent as kafir

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coco jumbo said...

You were quick to point out the number of people killed due to sectarian wars, but failed to mention the number of people killed by political violence (Hint hint, what is happening in Karachi right now). Furthermore, you have enormously failed to count the number of human beings killed through due to other secular issues, lets say, marriage or relationship issues.