Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some ideas for research

1. Counseling of soon to be or newly married couples on reproductive health, lessons to be implemented from Iran, Jordan and Bangladesh experience. It seems that RH-Aid, a Islamabad based NGO initiated by Dr. Tariq Rahim has already started working on this idea by forming a facebook group by the name Premarital Counseling. However the facebook page does not provide any information about the activities of this group.

2. To what extent has the family planning programme achieved its goal of promoting two-child norm? Why is the ideal family size stagnant at 4 despite 5 decades of strong family planning campaigns endorsing of the benefits of two children? The ideal of 4 children is across the board in Pakistan. Women, whether they are from Balochistan or Punjab, from rural areas or urban, have education or not literate, more or less all desire to have four children.

3. What have we gained from the policy recommendations of large scale national surveys conducted so far. The study proposes an audit of the the state of research advocacy in maternal health the last 20 years.

4. Breastfeeding practices. What do people do and why? It is customary to discard first milk of the mother.... Cultural practices like insistence in of giving ghutti (prelactal) as the first feed, because of the belief that it carries on the traits of the person who gives it to the child may pose the newborn to unnecessary infections. A child who was fed ghutti may be breastfed exclusively after wards, but exclusive breastfeeding does not remain exclusive for too long because women believe that the baby needs at least water along with breast milk.

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Atif Ikram Butt said...

Very nice ideas.