Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How I spent my time today!

First of all, today was not a "typical day" for me. At least if a researcher asked I would not refer today as a typical day which could be used as a reference day for a time-use study. However, just for funʻs sake let us assume today was a typical day in my life as a women who is a doctoral student. How did I spend it? How productive was it?
Well, I got up this morning around 8, checked emails and face book (first thing in the morning). then brushed my teeth and had a boring breakfast... then i thought about sending some emails which have been pending for a while, like 6 months... So i set about looking at my gmail email TAGs (labels) to see which emails needed action... It was like a black hole.. I disappeared into the whirlpool of the cyber world for several hours and after reading my emails, favorite blogs, twits, FB statuses, news etc. and tweeting, sending emails etc. it was already past noon. Lunch time, so I go for lunch. Reheat old food and come back to the strong pull of the internet on my laptop.. Then I disappear once again into the cyber world and wake up to real world when the phone rings... It was 4:30 already... I did not go for work or anything else. I left the room 3 times to get food or use the bathroom!! Now I am going to go visit a relative who is in hospital. When I get back it would be dinner time... After dinner, I doubt I would have any energy for any "productive" work!!!

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