Friday, May 07, 2010

My share of conspiracy theory vis a vis Faisal Shahzad

When 9/11 happened, I kept thinking, who would do it and why. Why and how would/could Muslims carry out such a massive and concerted damage to the super power of the world. Who benefitted by killing five thousand or so American citizens and annihilating two sky scrapers. Not the Muslims, not certainly Iraqis, Pakistanis or any Afghanis--the ones who to date are paying for that. From the very day, I thought why would a Muslim or Muslim group do something like this which would end up exacerbating problems for Muslims and would further taint the already tainted image.

And, now this Faisal Shahzad case. First, thank God it was a failed attempt. I do not condone or provide apologies for any terrorist activities whatsoever. But, then once again, this person who apparently could have been avenging the US drone attacks in Waziristan has done nothing for his "cause" but instead has just almost broken the back of the over-burdened camel. Secretary Hillary Clinton issued a statement saying that in future such acts against US would not be tolerated. Paranoia haunts the Pakistanis who are settled in the USA or those who aspire to do so. FS has to be out of his mind to even believe for a moment that he is going to do any good for Muslims, Waziristan or Pakistan by trying to bomb NYC. It is not even making a statement that he is upset with US involvement in two major and one proxy war. So, my paranoid mind thinks, was he a CIA agent who acted this way to give a bad name to Pakistan. Because, his actions gave the world and particularly USA and India to point their fingers to Pakistan more strongly and say with a louder voice that all roads of terrorism lead to Pakistan.

That is the only explanation that makes any sense to me! What do you say.

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